Many Texas families face difficult decisions regarding legal and financial matters associated with planning for long-term care and end of life concerns, particularly the following:

How can I protect my assets if I need to enter a nursing home?
How can I pay for my long-term care needs without impoverishing my spouse?
Will my children be responsible for paying for my care needs?
What benefits are available to assist with the costs of long-term care?
How can I provide for my child with special needs in the event I am no longer here?

The Bentley Law Firm provides answers to these questions and helps families and loved ones navigate through issues associated with caring for an elderly family member or loved one with special needs.   Many of our clients face the prospect of expensive medical and living costs, either at home or in a nursing home, assisted living or other care arrangement.  Our goal in working with families is to preserve the client’s assets while ensuring that the client’s long-term care needs are provided.  We seek to provide security and stability for the client in the most desirable environment.


The Bentley Law Firm seeks to provide superior legal services in a compassionate and caring manner.  Kelley M. Bentley is a Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation, and is board certified in estate planning and probate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  She has dedicated her career to elder law and estate planning with a special emphasis on planning for the long-term care needs of the elderly and individuals with special needs.